Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

A Role-Playing, Action Adventure Game

The temple of the ancient sun god has lain undisturbed for millennia, but now your intrepid band of explorers have broken the seal and stand ready to brave the subterranean maze. But be prepared: Ra’s curse has been awoken and his reanimated army stands between you and the undiscovered treasures of Ancient Egypt.


MAX QUEST transplants the excitement of RNG-based slot gaming into an interactive shooting experience.

Every bullet fired towards the shambling hordes has a chance to pay out or trigger a feature, and while Ra’s gauntlet will test players’ nerve, it never tests their aim.

A missed shot will either ricochet until it finds a target, or return to the chamber along with its wager.

RTP 96%
Max Possible Win 5000 Coins
Supported Platforms Desktop (HTML5), Mobile (IOS, Android)
Jurisdictions Malta
Total Download Size 36.4 MB (Desktop) 20.1 MB (Mobile)
Initial Download Size 6.2 MB (Desktop) 3.7 MB (Mobile)
Desktop Est. Load 34 seconds (5Mbps)
Mobile Est. Load 18 Seconds (3G Speeds)